LESSON 36 – The Parable of The Lamp Under a Basket

Through the famous parable told by Jesus, this lesson goes beyond the metaphor to examine our journey toward “spiritual enlightenment,” including ambivalence and resistance, and some of how perception beyond the physical senses can help us to connect with goodness.

Recommended reading: Book Initiation into Spiritism, chapter 36.

Lesson facilitator: Peter Hays
Peter Hays is a volunteer at the Spiritist Group Love and Light in Newark, New Jersey. He is also the current Outreach Director of the United States Spiritist Federation (USSF) and an active participant in the Tri-State Spiritist Federation (TSSF). He has done several talks on Spiritism that include participation in the U.S. Spiritist Symposiums. Besides doing over sixty episodes of the radio program Living Spring on Kardec Radio, he was on the editing staff for The Spirits’ Book by USSF. Peter loves playing guitar, so he teaches the youth at Love and Light. Peter has published several children’s books with his wife, Beti Rozen, through their company Sem Fronteiras Press, and with other publishers in Brazil, Colombia, and the U.S.

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