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What people are saying

I wanted to learn about Spiritism but never knew where to start or where to go. Glad I found this online course. Thank you.
Chris R.
California, USA
I’d like to know more about Spiritism. I have been listening to podcasts about it, and I am reading The Spirits Book. The online courses are a valuable resource.
John S.
Idaho, USA
I became curious after watching the movie on Netflix “Kardec”. I have had similar beliefs and wanted to explore them.
Denise C.
Kansas, USA
I want to understand more about the spirit world. I have experienced things that question my reality. I can leave my body and it’s a painful experience but I think that’s because I fear it.
New Zealand

Common Questions

Typically our courses are delivered by multiple facilitators, to offer different points of view and perspectives. If you have a question, you can post a comment on the YouTube video or use our contact page.

The US Spiritist Federation website offers invaluable resources about Spiritism. We also recommend:

The USSF Bookstore for spiritist books
YouTube channel with hundreds of talks and lectures in a wide variety of topics
Free e-books for all 5 Allan Kardec works – “the Spiritism codification”

Here’s a list of Spiritist Centers across the United States.