Introduction to Mediumship

A Study Guide for Beginners

The United States Spiritist Federation is thrilled to announce a new virtual course, “Introduction to Mediumship – A Study Guide for Beginners” – a four-module comprehensive course offered free of charge, that invites individuals eager to explore the realm of spirit communication and gain insights into the world beyond.


A Journey into the Unseen

Dive into the fascinating world of mediumship as the course unfolds through a structured curriculum.

Types of Mediumship

Understand the various types of mediumship and its intricacies and nuances

Mind & Spirit Connection

Explore the intricate relationship between the mind, spirit, and energy in the practice of mediumship

Ethical Mediumistic Practices

The importance of ethical and well-conducted mediumistic meetings

Meet the Instructors

The “Introduction to Mediumship” course is a unique opportunity for beginners to uncover the mysteries of the spirit world, guided by experts in the field of Spiritism.

The United States Spiritist Federation is committed to providing a rich and immersive educational experience that fosters personal growth and deepens connections to the ethereal realm.

Your instructors have many years of study and experience in mediumship meetings to offer you an enlightening journey into the realm of communication with spirits, where the unseen becomes a reality.

A Holist Exploration of Spirit Manifestation

Invest in SELF-knowledge

Curious about the afterlife?

Introduction to Mediumship


  • 18 video lessons delivered in 4 modules
  • 8 different instructors adding a wide range of experiences
  • Quizzes to promote self-reflection
  • Lifetime access to all lessons
  • 100% FREE!

About Spiritism

Spiritism is, at the same time, a science of observation and a philosophical body of principles. As a practical science, it consists of the relationships established between the corporeal world and the spiritual world; as a philosophy, it comprises all the moral consequences that flow from these relationships.

About the United States Spiritist Federation:

The United States Spiritist Federation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding of Spiritism based on the works of Allan Kardec, a philosophy that combines spiritual insights with scientific understanding to provide answers about the nature of life, death, and the afterlife. Through various events, publications, and educational initiatives, the Federation seeks to provide individuals with the tools to explore their spirituality and engage with the spirit realm.

Common Questions

No, the US Spiritist Federation does not supply certificates and recommends that mediumship practices be done only at Spiritist Centers. Find a center near you.

We recommend taking the virtual course Introduction to Spiritism, also offered by the US Spiritist Federation.

We appreciate your donation. We accept PayPal/Credit Card donations here.

Spiritism is based on five books organized by Allan Kardec, with The Spirts’ Book being the main one. You can find free audiobooks on the internet. You can also learn a lot about Spiritism by tuning in every Saturday at 11:00 am EST on the USSF Youtube channel for the Spiritism Talk Series where you can interact with the speakers and ask questions.

Yes! If you are a Netflix subscriber, look for the movie-documentary KARDEC to learn how Spiritism started in France. It’s fascinating!